• Permanent* and Semi-Permanent Coatings – 

    -In the place of sealants and wax, we use specialized products that apply directly to the paint of the car. These coatings are scratch resistant, brighter, stain resistant, and glossier than waxes or sealants. We have solutions for paint, interiors, leather, clothe, wheels, and tires.

    -Rennsport has been extensively testing a variety of affordable coatings over the past years to find the most cost effective, lowest maintenance product for our customers.

    -* Permanent means the life of a certain material, for example: a permanent tire coating would mean the coating lasts for the life of a tire.

  • Wash & Seal – 

    -Our most popular package providing a through wash of the exterior of your vehicle including “scrubbing” the paint with a Nano Pad to prepare the paint surface for Sealant. Sealant allows for shine and most of all protection.
    – Wheels and tires treated.

  • Interior Cleansing – 

    – includes full vacuum, cleaning of entire interior and high end product applied to all surfaces.
    – *Carpet Extraction to remove soiled dirt from carpets. (* extra cost may apply depending on application)

  • Polish – 

    – removal of light and minor swirling from paint. Washed, “scrubbed”, machine polished and sealed.
    – Wheels and tires treated.

  • Paint Correction – 

    – revmoval of heavy swirling and damage in paint. Scratch removal and correction on every painted panel of the vehicle. Some wet sanding might be required if deep scratches exist.

  • Headlight Restoration – 

    -removal of all haze and oxidation to headlights leaving a restored and protected new look.

  • Scratch and Scuff Repair – 

    – removal of specific scratches and scuffs
    – Scuffs from parking poles, corners of buildings, shopping carts etc.

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